Top Dairy Milk Alternatives for Vegans

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Top Dairy Milk Alternatives for Vegans 2018

For some crazy reason, dairy milk is everywhere. I’m sure if you’re vegan it’s probably dawned on you how strange this is, and how huge and widespread dairy products are. Alternatives to dairy milk have come on leaps and bounds over the last few years, and I’ve tried a lot of them
So, here’s a list that should help those looking to get off the dairy teet, or those looking for a new, refreshing dairy alternative.

1. Soya

Alpro Soya
At the top there has to be the soya drink. This is here mainly for the newly vegans, as it’s easy to get a hold of. Often called ‘Soya Milk’, but if you look at the packaging, you’ll never see it called that. This is the easy go to. If you’re in a coffee shop or out shopping, it’s now fairly common to find this dairy milk alternative.

2. Oat

This is my go to dairy alternative. It’s a bit of an all rounder. It works in tea and coffee, on cereal and as a stand alone drink. There’s now quite a few brands out now who make an oaty dairy alternative. My favourite is made by the good folks at Oatly. I’ve met many of their workers and they’re all great. They’re also very innovative, constantly creating new products and pushing the boundaries of creative advertising.

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