Top Vegan Christmas Presents 2018

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Top Vegan Christmas Presents 2018

Buying Christmas presents can be difficult at the best of times. There can seem to be a lot of stress involved trying to find that perfect gift, and for a typical vegan, it can seem even more difficult!

With the aim to buy items that contain no animal products, it may seem like a minefield out there, with few products mentioning the v-word. 

Don’t worry, this typical vegan will point you in the right direction. This is a list that’s made of usual suspects for Christmas gift (vegan versions) plus a few useful items that I personally have received with great joy. 

Let’s get Christmasy!

Lovetree Products Nut Milk Bag

It’s a simple but amazing little thing that will allow the giftee to make their own nut milks. This literally could save them £/$/€100s over the course of the next year.

Vitamix Ascent A2500

Vitamix Ascent A2500

Now I this is quite a pricey present, there’s no denying that. But it’s not that expensive if you look at it in terms of what you can make with it. Its incredibly powerful motor allows you to make foods such as soups and even ice cream! (Vegan ice cream of course). This is an amazing product, I personally use the A2500 every day. The best thing it does, in my opinion, is blend up almonds, or cashews, or oats, or any other base for a milk alternative, with water, until it’s really smooth. This then works wonders with the nut milk bag posted above. Over the course of a year of making your own milk alternatives, you may even save money by not having to buy them from the shops!

Vegetable Steamer

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